The Auction is owned and managed by Danish Fur Breeders’ Association (DFBA) a cooperative founded in 1930.

The DFBA represents the Danish fur breeders in Europe for political lobbying.

The Danish Fur Breeder’s Association also manages another agency that is responsible for development in fur breeding. It is also behind health assurance, disease control and purchase of feed ingredients.

Kopenhagen Fur is the sales organisation of the cooperative and sells pelts from members and suppliers at the auctions. DFBA owns Kopenhagen Fur and makes up the board of directors thereby having voting power over the business. All of the members are granted equal rights regardless of the size of their business with the “one man one vote” policy.

Kopenhagen Mink Fur

Most people agree that mink is the most popular fur. The production amounts change from year to year according to factors including weather, market, and fashion trends. Annually, an average of 50 million mink pelts are harvested around the world.

Denmark is the leader in mink sales with its production of 17 million pelts per year. Mink fur is also harvested in the USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and China.

Interesting Facts:

Mink is composed of two types of fur: underfur and guard hair. The underfur is the shorter hair at the base of the pelt while guard hair is longer and covers the underfur. Male mink is about 45 cm long with an additional 20 cm for tail. The male mink’s fur is often heavier in weight for the same amount of fur. A quality mink pelt has lush thick underfur and lustrous guard hair. There are 25 different natural colours of mink with an array of colours ranging from pure white to dark black. The evolving craftsmanship allows dressers and dyers to colour mink even further to include even more colour.

For more information visit Kopenhagen Furs Website: kopenhagenfur.com
Here is a pdf about the many different mink types produced by Kopenhagen Fur.

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